Friday, April 16, 2010

How We Talk About Ourselves... and you get something out of it

It's Friday afternoon, and I'm going to hit the road soon, but I wanted to share a couple of things with you that we think are both fun & important before we all start our weekends of fun & relaxation (and in my case, packing).

First... thanks for reading the blog! Re-vamping the website & creating this blog are part of our efforts to be more responsive to our patrons. There are so many entertainment choices available today that we want to do everything we can to make sure that we're giving our patrons the choices they want. Using this blog to talk about the process, and to provide a forum for feedback, is one of the ways to reach out. If you're not already a follower, do please sign up.

Second... We have a Facebook page! As time goes on, we'll be adding more & more to it, including photos and video links (which will also be available on our website) and it's another way for SFT's friends to communicate with us, and with each other.

Third... we Twitter! I gotta say, this one is a favourite. I love being able to just quickly go on line, type in 140 (or fewer) smart, creative, attention-grabbing characters, and poof! you're done. If you don't Tweet, that's okay. It's easy to get started, and it's fun to do. Just visit, they'll show you how to get going, and then you can start following our messages, and learn more about what's happening every day - occastionally several times a day - here at the Stirling Theatre.

Fourth... here's a little promo deal you might not know about yet. We've got ads in three regional magazines - Watershed, The County & Quinte Living and Country Roads. Find them, and if you follow their THIRST-QUENCHING suggestion for ordering tickets. (Was that a good hint? Too obscure? Let me know..) Oh, and by the way, do read all these terrific magazines for themselves - they are great sources of entertaining, educational & just plain "oooh, doesn't that look amazing!" moments.

Today is Darrell Nelham's birthday. You probably will never meet Darrell when you come to the theatre; he's our Assistant Technical Director. But you will always notice if he's not around to do his job, because the seats won't fold down, the lights won't come up at the right time, and the sets will only be plywood & hardware, no paint. He doesn't receive any applause for his work, but he deserves it. Happy Birthday, Darrell!

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