Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Brochures Are Coming! The Brochures Are Coming!

Well, it's not as sexy as The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (does anybody remember that movie? I loved it!) but it's the truth.

Boxes & boxes of brochures showed up on Friday, and trays & trays of them are either at the post office or headed there tomorrow. My, but they is purty.

Denis Langlois is a great designer - and very patient with a client who says things like "can it just be shmooshed a little to the left?" So, thank you, Denis, we love the look of this brochure.

And the work that Kim & Fay and Bev & Charlotte have put into getting these lovely things into the mail. You will rarely find me complaining about Canada Post - I think for the most part they really do do a pretty good job - but honestly, they need to re-think their policy of changing their mass mailing policy(cies) every 36 days. It does make it difficult for businesses like ours - like many cultural institutions - who still rely on snail mail for much of our marketing when the process changes, when the process becomes more complicated, when the process stops making sense from what we, the customer, are trying to do.

We try to make things easier for our customers; I do wish all our suppliers and vendors felt the same way.

My first News Director in radio told me that the smartest thing I could do for my career was to remember one simple word: KISS. Maybe the post office could try it too.

Anyway, watch for your brochure in the mail in the next few days; they've been sent to all our Members, Sponsors, and patrons who have purchased tickets any time since 2007 up to today. Sometime next week, we'll start putting them on display in all tourist and retail locations that would like to have them. If that includes you... let me know who & where you are!

Tickets for all events up to 31st August 2010 are on sale NOW!

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