Thursday, June 3, 2010

Officially Official

I can't find my shoes.

In the total scheme of things, one broken table top (being replaced even as I write this by the good people at Vic's Glass here in Stirling) is not a bad casualty count for a 400km do-it-yourself move. So now we are officially here in Stirling, and starting to make a new home. We've found a great house to rent (I hope forever! My favourite platter fits in one of the kitchen cupboards - it's never fit in a cupboard before. You have no idea how exciting that is to me), just a short walk from the theatre. Jeffrey is already getting a feel for the area (he's making friends with his fellow fiddlers). And the cat we've inherited has learned to drink water out of a bowl, not the tap.

It's officially official: we live & work in Stirling, to our great delight.

Which will be more delighted when I find my shoes. And all my spatulas. Which I hope didn't get packed together... yuck!

Anyway, now that the move is over, my mind is completely back on work, which means focusing very hard on upcoming events - like MY SWEET PATOOTIE on June 5th at 8:00pm. I'm particularly pleased to have Sandra Swannell & Terry Young perform for the Stirling audience as I've known Sandra for about 15 years now, and Terry for about 8, and they have always impressed me with their great musicianship & wonderful stage presence.

Both were members of the late, deeply lamented folk roots group Tanglefoot - in fact, Sandra was the first & only woman member of the group - so they obviously 'get' the showmanship live performance requires. But they bring something more to their work as this great 'hayseed jazz' duo. It's tough to describe... but I will make you this promise: when you come hear MY SWEET PATOOTIE, you will have more fun than a bubble bath on a moon-lit night in a forest glen.

I'm also working on finishing up plans for the 2011 season. That will be Stirling Festival Theatre's 15th anniversary season, and we've got some really fun & fabulous things coming for you. If you attend the FIRST ANNUAL MEMBERS' SOCIAL, Sunday June 6th from 3:00 to 5:00pm at the Hastings County Ag Museum you could be the first to hear about a little piece of what's coming. Maybe.... But definitely come to the Social. Homemade cookies, people! Homemade! When was the last time you had homemade cookies?? That's what I thought!

See you Saturday night AND Sunday afternoon.

I'll try to be wearing shoes.

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