Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer is Here!

This is going to be short & sweet.

It's the holiday weekend. There are lots of crazy people out there who think that they are bullet-proof and accident proof and nothing ever happens to them, only to the 'other guy'. Only someone has to be the other guy. Don't let it be you.

Stay safe out there this weekend: wear the flotation devices while on our beautiful & still cold lakes and rivers, enjoy the sunshine & remember the sunscreen, do not use fire starter on the barbecue, wear your sealt belt & remember weaving is for wool, not cars, and hug as many friends as you can.

We'll see you here in Stirling next week for JUDY GARLAND SHOW (May 26th & 27th - we need to sell 78 more tickets to get me to buy a bottle of champagne for the play's star Debbie Collins! Do your part!)... Come back June 5th for MY SWEET PATOOTIE (my promise: Sandra & Terry will delight you as much as running through sprinklers on a hot summer day, with a grape popsicle in your hand)... and then plan to be here sometime between June 9th & 12th for HANK WILLIAMS "LIVE" 1952 (Joe Mattheson will knock your socks off, he's soooo Hank Williams).

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