Monday, May 17, 2010

So we've had three pre-production meetings here at the Stirling Festival Theatre, one of which (for SONGS OF THE REEL) kind of was sandwiched in and around the discussions for THE LAST RESORT. And I am pleased to report that all three meetings went very well.

And what, I'm sure some of you are asking, is a pre-prodution meeting? Well, it's a chance for the behind-the-scenes people to get to know one another, suss out what everyone is thinking, and make plans towards making the show happen before the actors are added to the mix. This means sitting down with the director, the technical director, the props master, the costumier, perhaps stage management, perhaps the assistant tech director.

We look at the preliminary set drawings David & Darrell have come up with, we go over paint chips & furniture ideas, we talk about the revolve & creating time of day lighting effects & exactly how many antlers are needed to make a chandelier. We go over the props lists and discuss just how big does a fake piece of cake need to be to get a laugh. We chat about the difference between "The New Look" and the 'classic style' in women's suits. And we marvel at having a template of our wonderful Bosendorfer. And sometimes we poke gentle fun at ourselves or each other - all as part of getting to know one another.

When you're working with people with whom you've never worked before, there usually isn't a second hand language that old colleagues & friends can use to explain or elucidate. But in theatre, where the language is pretty particular to the profession, you often do find yourself slipping quickly, and comfortably, into "theatre shorthand". And that's what happened with all these production meetings.

We quickly fell into professional rhythms, marked by understanding and agreement about what all of us wanted to accomplish - which is, of course, a wonderful show! Luisa Appolloni, who will be directing THE LAST RESORT, was delighted at the proposal to see the stage filled with a clever, well-decorated set - not to mention the insight the Donnas had in their respective departments. Christina Gordon, who has created & is starring in SONGS OF THE REEL, was so pleased to see how her show will work in and around what is planned for the others, without in any way making her seem like an 'orphan'. And director Andrew Lamb is thrilled to know DRIVING MISS DAISY (which debuted on Broadway with a very minimalist set) is going to provide audiences with visual and audio interest before the actors even begin.

Thank you Luisa, Christina, Andrew, David, Darrell, Donna M & Donna C for being so professional, so warm, so concerned & caring about your work and the efforts of others. Because of you, SFT audiences are going to enjoy a summer of theatre like they've never seen before.

Tickets for DRIVING MISS DAISY, SONGS OF THE REEL and THE LAST RESORT are all on sale now.
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