Monday, May 10, 2010

Wait, wait. It's MAY already?

And not just May already, but the middle of the month! How did that happen?

Oh, but we've been busy around here. Great shows have happened, great shows are coming. It keeps everyone in the building hopping all the time. Just on Saturday, we held two pre-production meetings (THE LAST RESORT and LOVE YOU FOREVER... AND MORE MUNSCH) and next week, we'll be doing the same for DRIVING MISS DAISY. These meetings are often the first time everyone on the team gets to meet each other and exchange ideas about what the sets are going to look like, what the costumes need to be like, and things like that. There's a sense of great possibilities in the air at these meetings, as if anything and everything is possible.

Within budget, of course!

Saturday night was BABY BOOMERS, THE SHOW. Seriously, I laughed so hard at a few of the stories, my stomach ached. Ached! Scott Harris & Simon B Cotter - you guys are fabulous and I really, really hope we can find a way to bring you back to Stirling for another show. If you missed it (and really, that's a shame), you'll be able to catch some scenes from it on their website; the clips will be up in about a week.

I also want to thank Scott & Simon for making a point of telling me how great the crew who work here at SFT are. I mean, I know it, but it's wonderful to hear the professionals who come in to work recognize that as well. So a big tip of the hat and a lot of gratitude to Dave Vanderlip, Darrell Nelham, Travis Whiteman & Kim Whiteman for making SFT look so good.

MY SWEET PATOOTIE coming June 5th. If you love country or jazz or folk or roots or pop music, if you love a great fiddler & a great guitarist, if you want a terrific evening out with friends and fellow music lovers... this is your show! Sandra Swannell & Terry Young are MY SWEET PATOOTIE (and former members of Tanglefoot) and they are... well, terrific. Please call 613.395.2100 for details and to order your tickets today!

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