Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And it begins again....

Really, I love the first day of rehearsals, when all things are possible, and you believe everything you want to see on stage will happen in just 14 days!

Of course, that's not always true - life gets in the way, the constraints of budgets or lack of time usually being the big culprits. But we're creative, we're smart, we'll find other ways, briliant ways to tell our story and get the play on the boards. And by the time Opening Night rolls around, we've completely forgotten what we thought we were going to do because what we did do is so... amazing! that we bask in the glow of the stage lights, smile deeply, and enjoy a great show!

And that's the Coles Notes version of how a play is made.

The truth is, creating a show is a lot of repetition, a lot of discussion, a lot of practise, a lot of discussion, a lot of repetition... oh, wait, I said that already. But that's what it is. Except... that with every time you walk through a scene, every time you sing a song, every time you do that same step,step,step and kick! a little creative spark goes off. And soon, enough sparks make... a scene. And enough great scenes make... a wonderful show.

We're just at the begining of creating sparks for THE LAST RESORT. The read-through yesterday morning had all of us in stitches (I love it when actors laugh at themselves - self-recognition that 'hey, I am funny' is so cute) so I can't wait to hear & see what it sounds like all ready for the audience.

Because it is the audience we do this for. An audience ready & willing to come to the theatre, sit down, relax, and start laughing, toe tapping and, perhaps, be just a little spooked by all the goings on at THE LAST RESORT.

THE LAST RESORT is a murder mystery musical comedy by Leslie Arden (music & lyrics) and Norm Foster (book), directed by Luisa Appolloni, with musical direction by Charlene Nafziger.

If you want some sense of what a murder mystery musica comedy is like... think a little Panto combined with a little Due South, and there you go!

Panto Fan Alert! Panto Fan Alert! From previous and future Panto productions, you will find starring in THE LAST RESORT cast JP Baldwin, Allan Gillespie, Christina Gordon and Bruce Tubbe. Also in our cast, Jon-Alex MacFarlene, Siobhan Richardson, Ian Simpson and Viviana Zarrillo.

For more information and to ordert tickets, please call 613.395.2100 or visit our website and head to the 'Tickets' icon.

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