Friday, July 16, 2010

Jillian Cook as 'Daisy' & Alan Bomar Jones as 'Hoke'

It's always a little melancholy when something wonderful draws to a close, and that's how we're all feeling today, knowing that there are only 2 performances left of DRIVING MISS DAISY. We think it's been one of the best things SFT has ever produced, and given the audience reactions as they're leaving - not to mention the emails & phone calls we've received - that seems to be what our patrons believe, too.

Special shout out to Barbara Durnford who called to say that she thought this show was one of the best she'd ever seen anywhere, and that it could stand up to anything in Toronto.
Barbara, there are one or two theatre critics in Toronto I would like you to call for us....

I personally love the photo posted above - Jillian & Alan grow together so much over the very short time period they're on stage (although in the play, their characters are actually together for 23 years at that point where the photo was taken), and I think it's lovely to a simple moment, a simple gesture mark that growth.

There are a few more DAISY photos on the website - please do check them out. And if you haven't already see the show... DON'T WAIT! You have July 16th & 17th to catch it, and then that's it.

Thank you Andrew Lamb, Jillian Cook, Alan Bomar Jones, Mark Terene. Thank Alfred Uhry! Thank you David Vanderlip, Darrell Nelham, Donna Moorman, Donna Carlisle. Thank you Travis Whiteman & Stefan Patterson. Thank you Kim Whiteman & all our volunteers at Front of House. I hope you will always have 'daisies' in your world.

Never one to sit on our laurels, we are moving on next week to two performances only of Christina Gordon's SONGS OF THE REEL. July 21 @ 2pm and July 22 @ 8pm. How do we describe this show? It's got great music (and boy, can Christina sing!). It's got dancing (three very cute, very talented boy dancers). It's got funny stories and skits (and doesn't laughing feel good?!). It's about stuff you know and has answers to questions you never thought to ask. It's great entertainment and again, it's only here for TWO SHOWS! Please call 613.395.2100 to order your tickets today.

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