Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day... and beyond

It's one of those days when you think you've got nothing to do but enjoy the sunshine and maybe make a batch of rhubarb-orange-ginger jam... and suddenly all these little tasks come out from under... something.

So I'm spending the day catching up on correspondence, doing a little filing, and enjoying listening to the sounds coming from the rehearsal hall. The cast & director & wizard stage manager are here for a few hours, rehearsing DRIVING MISS DAISY. At least, they tell me they're rehearsing, and I'm sure they are, but boy, do they sound like they're having fun!

I suppose that's what the rehearsal process should be about, at least in small part. Having fun while exploring character, learning & practising blocking, trying to remember if it's the right hand or left that's holding the hat on entrance.

Our director, Andrew Lamb, has a wicked sense of humour, just a little on the sly side. He sometimes says things that he knows are funny, and if you're watching his face, you can see he's waiting a second or two for you to catch the joke. Usually I do - it's important to keep up with the director! Anyway, I'm quite sure that Andrew's good humour all the way around is helping to keep the laughter rolling... when appropriate.

There are lots of laughs in DRIVING MISS DAISY, of course. I mean, in any life well lived there should be lots of laughter. But this play also has its serious moments, opportunities for reflection and the dawning of truth. I am so excited to see the first full performance!

DRIVING MISS DAISY runs July 7th - 10th & July 13th - 17th.

Don't forget the Tuesday Club - buy a ticket to the performance of THE LAST RESORT on August 17th, and get a ticket to see DRIVING MISS DAISY on July 13th at half price. Or vice versa, of course.

Also wanted to let you know I was chatting with Christina Gordon the other day. She's been in Stirling several times for Pantos (remember 'Mama Bear' and 'the Blue Fairy'?) and she's coming back in July with SONGS OF THE REEL. It's not about fishing, but fishermen are welcome. And they, their spouses, friends, fishing mates, and possibly even the trout will enjoy this wonderful revue. How could they not?? Christina's a fabulous, wonderful singer/actress/dancer. She's bringing with her three very cute, very good male dancers (really cute dancers - I may have to get out my leg warmers....). Her pianist is a stitch - and is brilliant on the Bosendorfer on top of being funny. So you take all these great components and use them to sing songs, dance a little, tell a few stories, all from your favourite movies & tv shows, and even a commercial or two. Sounds like some pretty good entertainment to me! Please join us July 21st @ 2pm and July 22nd @ 8pm for good fun with good friends.

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